Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

5 Things You Should Know about Wearable First

My first piece of wearable was a lovely Casio Calculator Watch, made in the 80s.

Since then my interest to wearables was always high and resulted in:

- greedy reading of science fiction books  
- ordering online a cheap and barely working Chinese-made Watch Phone 
- waiting for the Wearable Revolution without doing much
Now my waiting has an end. Apple Watch will be released shortly.

1. Watch will be the first mass-market wearable device
Do you think, that Google Glass was a proof of wearable not being successful? Make no mistake. Google is not really a hardware maker, Apple is.
And, even more importantly: Google was never a religion, Apple is. 
Millions of Apple Watches will be sold over the opening weekend.They will be not as perfect as the Watch 2. But until the time of the Watch 2 release in a year or so, Apple will already sell dozens of millions Watches. I will buy about 10 of them, for myself, family, friends and co-workers. And some of the people who will buy the Watches on day one, will buy 100 of them, fly overnight to Beijing or Moscow and make a fortune.

2. Google and others will stay at the big Wearable game
Google just invested several hundreds of $millions into a startup called MagicLeap. And Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion. Microsoft announced days ago the HoloLens goggles.
Yes, if you'll still have money after you bought your gold Watch, you will buy a lot of mysterious wearable gadgets in the years to come. 

3. Your body will be connected
It is not about your fitness tracker. Everything you have on will be connected: your watch, the watch bracelet, your glasses, belt, ring, shoes, your bag and yes, your e-textiles.
Implants will replace tattoos. One day you may find yourself walking into your corner's implant shop, looking for a new cool implant. Hello, my dear cyborgs!

4. Wearable will infiltrate all aspects of your life
Are you at home or in the office? Does not matter, wearables will make you life more fun.In a few years you'll find yourself speaking to your boss while invisible looking at your favorite Helmut Newton's pics.Only from time to time you will shake your head a little bit to kill the pigs in your new wearable edition of Angry Birds. And then forward to your lovely dating app while listening to the boring chef. Swipe left with the eyes, swipe left. "John, what the hell is wrong with your eyes?"

5. Wearable First apps will be the key
Remember first popular web sites? Yes, it was long ago. Then the first smartphones came. We at Shape started to develop our first mobile apps in 2002. And some 7 years later people began to talk about Mobile First.
Now we speak of Wearable First apps. Why? We believe that wearable will be as successful as mobile. And wearable will require a new software paradigm. Small screens, fast glances, tactile notifications, invisible actions. This is so 2018. Apps were always the key of hardware success and it will stay this way.
Wearable First apps will enrich every aspect of our life: communication, news consumption, health, entertainment...
The perfect integration of new wearable devices and Wearable First apps is an amazing change which will start in a few weeks, with the launch of Watch.