Montag, 18. Juli 2011

RIM BlackBerry and IM+ for Playbook: continued

OK, as I wrote in my previous post, RIM is an organization where a lot of nice people are working.
Shape's Development Head Alex and myself just had a talk with Tyler Lessard, RIM's VP, Global Alliances and Developer Relations.
Tyler was really friendly and helpful and we have now a hope that IM+ for Playbook will be approved within two weeks or so. We understand that to approve such an complex app can take the same time or more as the development of IM+ for Playbook itself. Just as remember, the app is now for two months in the testing queue.
And the best of the talk: after years of our requests to RIM we got from Tyler a promise to consider BlackBerry Push usage for IM+. It would make user experience on the BlackBerry platform the same kind of beautiful like on iOS.
Please continue to follow-up the story, it will really help to make things done. And to celebrate the moment we will offer to our friends from 25 free licenses of IM+ Pro for BlackBerry right now and 25 free licenses of IM+ for Playbook after release.


  1. not sure what happened, but it looks like my earlier comment didn't actually get submitted. nonetheless:

    congrats!! we're thrilled to finally see RIM moving towards approving IM+ for the playbook. without any non-BBM IM solutions of note so far (other than facebook chat), this is a huge step forward. from one google+ post, to twitter, to facebook, crackberry, berryreview, et al, social media is actually helping to force the powers that be to do the right thing.

    seriously, though, how do i apply for one of those free licenses? ;-)

    -- eldee

  2. Glad to hear it. Still you shouldn't have to get in touch with Tyler Lessard just to get an app approved...

  3. good to hear that the story finally ends successfully.

  4. You're welcome for the help too, as N4BB was the firs to report on this matter for you: Others later followed...

  5. will this app have video chat integration?for msn, skype etc

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  7. @ eldee : Through Crackberry or N4BB.

    @ Ebscer : I agree with you on this point completely...

    @ Belseat : Perhaps to a later time point.

    Thank you all, guys!

    Let's hope the app will be approved soon and we'll get BlackBerry Push for IM+.
    Just to be clear, the app is still in RIM testing.

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  10. Well right now RIM is planing to open their IM chat to every body , so people using iphone or android could take advantage of...

    i would like to see if this will be better or worst for blackberry. Unlock Blackberry code