Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Homo Ludens

News of the day: cryonics founder Robert Ettinger dies at 92, joins 105 other "frozen" patients.
OK, but what has this in common with, say, games.
The trick is, we are living in a (Western) world, where entertainment has the highest priority.

No one wants to have a boring time. Everyone wants to be entertained all around the day (and night).
And if anything goes so perfect, why the hell should we die at all.

Ettinger, the cryonics prophet, entered the game. It would be hard to lose, after all he is already "dead".
But probably he will win at the end of the day. Robert, I wish you good luck!
In the meantime we can play Angry Birds, CityVille or say Sherlock Holmes.

Let me mention also two other prophetical people who did a lot for our entertainment world.

Eric Berne described brilliant in Games People Play how we play our lives.  It seems comfortable for modern people to be the most time in the Child ego-state.

Johan Huizinga wrote in 1938 Homo Ludens (Playing Man).
He said that a play is free and is in fact freedom.

And this, my dear Apple friends, is exactly what we see today. Millions of people playing free or $0.99 games, all the time, forever. Please forget all statistics about apps and in-app purchases of virtual goods for iPhone, Android or Facebook. Apps are an euphemism. We are speaking about games. Sure, there are some AppGames around, like Foursquare, with a great in-app entertaining value. You can love gamification or not, it will be hard in our entertainment world without in-app game elements for "serious" apps.

Some scientists mean that games are great for peripheral sight of kids and at the end of the day for their mind and IQ. May be, long-term. 
I think, short-term we are moving towards a more stupid world, without old intelligentsia and with much more game experts in Child state. Homo Sapiens moves away. Homo Ludens, the Playing Man, comes.
The good news: You will be entertained! :)

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